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OCAA Curling Medalists


Gold: Humber Hawks

Silver: Mohawk Mountaineers

Bronze: Fanshawe Falcons


Gold: Humber Hawks

Silver: Sault Cougars

Bronze: Fanshawe Falcons

Gold: Niagara Knights
Silver: Humber Hawks-1

Bronze: Humber Hawks-2

Championship MVPs

Men: Zack Shurtleff, Humber

Women: Kaitlyn Jones, Humber

Mixed Doubles (Female): McKenna McGovern, Niagara

Mixed Doubles (Male): Brendan Jackson, Niagara

OCAA Curling Coaches of the Year

Men: DJ Ronaldson, Fanshawe

Women: Larry Rathje, Confederation

Mixed Doubles: Chris Jay, Fanshawe

OCAA Curling Fair Play Awards

Men's Fair Play (dedicated to Ron Fearon): Confederation Thunderhawks

Women's Fair Play (dedicated to Vern Dow): Confederation Thunderhawks

Mixed Doubles Fair Play (dedicated to Hap Holman): Sault Cougars-1

OCAA Curling Championship Men's First-Team All-Stars

Skip: Zack Shurtleff, Humber

Vice: Matthew Garner, Humber

Second: Brady Lumley, Humber

Lead: Nicole Hillman, Mohawk

OCAA Curling Championship Men's Second-Team All-Stars

Skip: Charlie Richard, Fanshawe

Vice: Jarrett Matthews, Mohawk

Second: Owen Tester, Fanshawe

Lead: Nicholas Robinson, Fanshawe

OCAA Curling Championship Women's First-Team All-Stars

Skip: Kaitlyn Jones, Humber

Vice: Andrea Schram, Confederation

Second: Lauren Massey, Fanshawe

Lead: Brittany Elson, Humber

OCAA Curling Championship Women's Second-Team All-Stars

Skip: Faith Hebert, Confederation

Vice: Erin White, Fanshawe

Second: Amelia DiVincenzo, Sault

Lead: Hannah Holtz, Fleming

OCAA Curling Championship Mixed Doubles First-Team All-Stars

Female: Jenna Clarke, Humber

Male: Brendan Jackson, Humber

OCAA Curling Championship Mixed Doubles Second-Team All-Stars

Female: McKenna McGovern, Niagara

Male: Davis Wiscombe, Humber

CCAA Curling Awards
Men's Team Results
Silver: Humber Hawks
Fanshawe Falcons

Women's Team Results
Humber Hawks

CCAA Curling Coach of the Year
Clancy Grandy, Humber

CCAA Curling Men's Championship First-Team All-Stars
Skip: Zach Shurtleff, Humber
Vice: Matthew Garner, Humber
Lead: Emerson Steffler, Humber

CCAA Curling Men's Championship Second-Team All-Stars
Second: Owen Tester, Fanshawe

CCAA Curling Women's Championship First-Team All-Stars
Brittany Elson, Humber

CCAA Curling Women's Championship Second-Team All-Stars
Skip: Amelia Dolsen, Fanshawe
Vice: Parker Doig, Humber
Second: Lauren Massey, Fanshawe

CCAA Curling Fair Play Awards
Women: Sault Cougars